Rebecca L. Wilken

Ms. Wilken specializes in pesticide product registration and strategic support for products regulated under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). She provides regulatory services at the federal and state levels, assisting clients in many ways, including with new product registrations, label compliance, formulation amendments, notifications, and establishment registration/reporting. She has facilitated the registration of numerous products with the U.S. EPA and state agencies, including conventional products, FIFRA Section 25(b) products, microbials, biochemicals, and pesticide devices. With years of experience in both clinical and laboratory research, Ms. Wilken is adept at conducting comprehensive literature searches and analyzing scientific data.

Before joining SciReg, Ms. Wilken was a senior scientist for a large engineering and scientific consulting firm, where she contributed to the development of technical and end-use product registration submissions, state registration applications and renewals, scientific rationales, and study waivers. Prior to entering regulatory practice, Ms. Wilken served as a National Study Coordinator at the VA Boston Healthcare System. There, she facilitated clinical research scientists in carrying out a large, multi-site research study.

Ms. Wilken earned her master’s degree in biology from American University, and bachelor’s degrees in neurobiology and psychology from Boston University.