Get to Know our Team.

SciReg’s Professionals

SciReg’s consultants provide the highest level of technical expertise combined with professional integrity. Relying upon extensive experience gained while working within and for pharmaceutical, pesticide, animal health, contract research, and chemical companies, SciReg provides its clients with practical, cost-effective, proactive, and goal-oriented consulting services.

James S. Damico

Mr. Damico is president and founder of SciReg, Inc. He has extensive experience and expertise in regulatory affairs, quality assurance, and scientific investigations pertaining to the regulation of crop protection products/pesticides and non-agricultural pesticides.

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Anna Armstrong

Ms. Armstrong has broad expertise in the crop protection and pesticide arenas, including experience in pesticide research, development, and registration. She is an accomplished regulatory affairs professional, providing consulting services to SciReg clients on numerous matters, including agronomic issues, pesticide uses, label development, and pesticide product stewardship.

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Nikki Maples-Reynolds

Ms. Maples-Reynolds provides an extensive range of scientific and regulatory services, including new active ingredient, manufacturing-use product, and end-use product registrations; study placement, monitoring, and evaluation; and risk assessments across a broad range of agricultural and non-agricultural products.

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Frederick T. Smith

Mr. Smith has over 30 years of experience in pesticide and chemical testing, quality assurance, and regulatory affairs. Mr. Smith provides a full range of regulatory services to clients requiring product approval/registration support.

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Terri L. Spanogle

Ms. Spanogle has many years of experience managing complex regulatory and scientific projects. She provides an extensive range of regulatory services such as new active ingredient and new product registrations, registration review, regulatory strategy, and general registration support for pesticides and plant growth promotion/protection products.

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Lauren A. Fierman

Ms. Fierman offers a wide range of scientific and regulatory services to our clients. With years of hands-on experience conducting studies to support EPA, FDA, and international product registrations/approvals, she assists our clients with all aspects of product registration, including data gap analyses, label development, study protocol and report reviews, and dossier compilation. She has wide-ranging experience with study design and management as well as evaluating and interpreting various forms of data.

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Nancy M. Huddy

Ms. Huddy provides a wide range of quality assurance and regulatory services to our EPA-, FDA-, and internationally-regulated clients. She has experience as a quality assurance auditor in Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulations and also assists our EPA-regulated clients with all aspects of product registration, including data gap analyses, label development, study protocol and report reviews, and dossier compilation.

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Teri B. Wallace

Ms. Wallace is primarily responsible for the quality assurance services we provide our clients. Within this role, Ms. Wallace is responsible for protocol, data, and report reviews of studies for compliance with U.S. and international Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) regulations, review and development of Standard Operating Procedures, and laboratory audits. She is also responsible for implementing and presenting SciReg’s GLP training programs.

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Katie R. Woodall

Ms. Woodall has over 10 years of experience supporting EPA and state pesticide registrations. She has extensive expertise in, and a keen understanding of, the myriad Federal and state requirements for pesticide product labels, helping our clients obtain government approvals for labels that not only meet regulatory demands, but also satisfy clients’ marketing and business objectives. Ms. Woodall is involved in all aspects of new label development, label revisions, and EPA’s Registration Review processes.

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Kelli W. Hughes, Rose M. Rogers, and Robin L. Speicher

With over 30 years of combined experience in professional office administrative positions, Ms. Hughes, Ms. Rogers, and Ms. Speicher ensure the smooth operation of the SciReg office with efficient handling of a variety of tasks related to organization and communication. They assist our clients by conducting searches of the National Pesticide Information Retrieval System (NPIRS), preparing, compiling, and submitting federal and state applications and renewals, as well as annual EPA maintenance fees and production reports.

Consulting Colleagues

In addition to our dedicated staff listed above, SciReg has over ten consulting colleagues under contract with specialized expertise in the areas of chemistry, ecological effects, risk assessments, and toxicology.