Katie R. Woodall

Ms. Woodall has over 10 years of experience supporting EPA and state pesticide registrations. She has extensive expertise in, and a keen understanding of, the myriad Federal and state requirements for pesticide product labels, helping our clients obtain government approvals for labels that not only meet regulatory demands, but also satisfy clients’ marketing and business objectives. Ms. Woodall is involved in all aspects of new label development, label revisions, and EPA’s Registration Review processes.

In addition, she brings fundamental and practical knowledge from her experience in the field of horticulture, adding insight to her work with products in the Turf and Ornamental segment. She is also very involved in preparing, compiling, and submitting robust regulatory dossiers at the Federal and state levels.

Ms. Woodall has strong database and organizational management skills that facilitate SciReg’s ability to manage client portfolios, creating organizational efficiency and effectiveness that ultimately provides value and benefit to our clients.