Anna Armstrong

Ms. Armstrong has broad expertise in the crop protection and pesticide arenas, including experience in pesticide research, development, and registration. She is an accomplished regulatory affairs professional, providing consulting services to SciReg clients on numerous matters, including agronomic issues, pesticide uses, label development, and pesticide product stewardship.

Before joining the SciReg team, Ms. Armstrong was a principal consultant for another scientific and regulatory consulting firm. In addition, she was a Federal and State Registration Manager at DuPont Crop Protection and Nichino.

Ms. Armstrong has substantial experience in strategy development and providing regulatory guidance to clients seeking EPA and state registrations for pesticide products; data compensation analysis; coordinating and monitoring product chemistry, mammalian toxicology, residue, and ecotoxicology studies; writing data waiver rationales to support product registrations; and submitting new end-use and technical product registrations. She has managed the EPA registration process for many active ingredients and has represented clients on several industry task forces/groups.

Ms. Armstrong earned her bachelor of science degree in agriculture with a minor in animal science at the University of Delaware.