PRIA 3 Quarterly Stakeholder Meeting

EPA held its PRIA 3 Quarterly Stakeholder Meeting on July 11, 2018. Rick Keigwin, Director of the Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP), informed attendees that the Agency is experiencing resource challenges (which includes a decrease in OPP staff to below 600 employees) and indicated this is affecting productivity.

Steve Schaible, OPP’s PRIA Coordinator, provided an informative presentation on the following topics:

• PRIA 4 update
• Follow-up from previous Stakeholder Quarterly Meeting
• PRIA 3 summary for Fiscal Year 2018
• PRIA renegotiation rates
• On-time completion rates for Fiscal Year 2018
• Pending non-PRIA fast tracks and notifications
• Fees collected
• Two-day label approval
• Electronic label reviews
• Electronic submissions
• 45/90 preliminary technical screens

Mr. Schaible’s presentation is available here: PRIA 3 Presentation